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ThemeAgricultural Districts (Ag and Markets)
Agricultural Districts are available in CUGIR only for counties that participate in the Agricultural District Mapping Program, facilitated by the Cornell Institute for Resource Information Systems on behalf of the Agricultural Districts Program of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.
MapsheetPutnam County
ProviderNYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Agricultural District data are provided with the following proviso:

  • Boundary data is current to certification date of the original district map, noted in "Certified" field of attribute table.
  • 2003 legislation allows lands to be added to districts on an annual basis. Electronic data provided here may predate those additions.
  • Refer to the current tax parcel list for each district to confirm the precise agricultural district boundary.
  • Please read Use_Constraints section of metadata.

As of April 16, 2008, Agricultural District files for all counties have been converted to UTM-NAD83 shapefiles. District boundaries for some counties have been updated. Shapefile names reflect the year of the most recent update for each county.

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