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New York State Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands For St. Lawrence County Outside the Adirondack Park (ARC Export : 1999)
ThemeFreshwater Wetlands (DEC; NAD83)
Coverages (wetlands boundary datasets) are published by county, and are updated as amendments occur, or as errors in the data are discovered and corrected. For the most recent updates to coverages by county, see the accompanying README file.
Note that no wetlands data are available for New York County (Manhattan).
Additional wetlands data available in CUGIR:
  • Official New York State freshwater wetlands data for Essex and Hamilton counties from the Adirondack Park Agency (Adirondack Park Freshwater Wetlands)
  • Adirondack Park Agency datafiles of air photo interpretation of wetland cover type of the Oswegatchie-Black, Upper Hudson, and St. Regis watersheds

README file with updates
Sample image (Albany County)
MapsheetSt. Lawrence County
ProviderNYS Department of Environmental Conservation
For additional datasets available from NYSDEC, see the list of DEC datasets at the NYSGIS Clearinghouse.
FormatArc Export .e00
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Coordinate System Transverse Mercator | Meters
DatumNorth American Datum of 1983
Publication date November 30, 1998
Date added or updated not specified
These data are a set of ARC/INFO coverages composed of polygonal and linear features. Coverages are based on official New York State Freshwater Wetlands Maps as described in Article 24-0301 of the Environmental Conservation Law. Coverages are not, however, a legal substitute for the official maps. Coverages are available on a county basis for all areas of New York State outside the Adirondack Park.
To provide a faithful representation of official New York State regulatory freshwater wetlands maps for GIS resource analysis at scales equal to the 1 to 24,000 scale of original mapping or smaller scales (e.g., 1 to 100,000 scale).
Supplemental Information
Regulatory maps consist of mylar versions of New York State Department of Transportation 1 to 24,000 planimetric maps on which wetland boundaries and wetland identification codes are drawn. Planimetric maps are generally congruent with and have the same quad names as United States Geological Survey 7.5 minute topographic maps; a few of the Department of Transportation quads have extended borders. Regulatory wetland maps are prepared by NYSDEC and filed as required by the Freshwater Wetlands Act (Article 24 of the Environmental Conservation Law). Associated with the maps are Classification Sheets that list the Wetlands Identification Code, the municipality in which the wetland occurs and the regulatory class of each wetland. Preparation and filing dates vary by county. As amendments to the official maps occur, the coverages are updated so that the GIS information reflects the regulatory maps currently in use. Archive copies of county coverages with previous versions of the official maps are kept. An important feature of the offical maps is that the lines indicate only "the approximate location of the actual boundaries of the wetlands" (ECL Section 24-0301(3)). For a final determination of the actual location of a wetland it is necessary to contact the NYSDEC office for the region in which the wetland occurs. For a sample of what a county coverage looks like, see <> (Note: Example is for Albany County).
Topicsenvironment, inland waters, planning
File size1279 kilobytes
Use constraints1. The documentation in the Entity and Attribute Overview section of the metadata, and the README referred to in that section, are integral parts of the Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands data. Failure to use the documentation in conjunction with the digital data constitutes a misuse of the data. 2. The digital freshwater wetlands data provided are not a legal substitute for the official Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands maps maintained by the Department of Environmental Conservation pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law Section 24-0301. Should a discrepancy exist between the digital data and the official maps, the official maps are the correct source of information. 3. The official regulatory freshwater wetlands maps may be amended from time to time; digital data obtained at an earlier date may therefore become obsolete. Digital data also may be altered independently of official map amendments in order to make improvements. These digital data cannot be relied on as a definitive statement of the location of freshwater wetlands. Wetland boundaries are subject to delineation by Department of Environmental Conservation regional personnel. 4. The borders of wetlands shown on both the official maps and the digital data are approximate at a scale of 1 to 24,000. Traditional cartographic or digital comparison of the wetland maps to mapped information that is collected and digitized at a larger scale than 1 to 24,000 is not cartographically acceptable and is subject to error. 5. It is inappropriate to make further distributions of the data, because digital wetlands data are not official regulatory maps and are subject to change. All requests for the digital wetlands data should be referred to the Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository <> or to the Habitat Inventory Unit, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 625 Broadway, 5th Floor, Albany, New York 12233-4754, telephone (518)402-8961.
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