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8-digit watersheds of New York State (Shapefile : 1994)
MapsheetNew York State State
ProviderU.S. Geological Survey
FormatShapefile .shp
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Coordinate System Geographic | Decimal degrees
DatumWorld Geodetic System 1984
Publication date 1994
Date added or updated not specified
This shapefile contains the boundaries of the 8-digit watersheds that intersect New York State.
These hydrologic unit boundaries provide a uniquely identified and uniform method of subdividing the state into large drainage areas at 1:250,000 scale.
Supplemental Information
The 8-digit hydrologic unit codes for each watershed indicate the hydrologic region (first two digits), hydrologic subregion (second two digits), accounting unit (third two digits), and cataloging unit (fourth two digits), as defined by the USGS. This dataset was extracted from the national 1:250,000-scale dataset that is available on the USGS Water Resources website: <>
Topicsenvironment, inland waters
File size854 kilobytes
Use constraintsNone
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