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Hudson River Estuary Shoreline
MapsheetHudson River estuary
ProviderHudson River Estuary Program
FormatShapefile .shp
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Coordinate System Universal Transverse Mercator | meters | Zone 18
DatumNorth American Datum of 1983
Publication date 2004
Date added or updated September 28, 2006
This data set presents a detailed shoreline of the Hudson River Estuary, based upon shoreline data from the Hudson River Estuary Program (accuracy <5m) where such data are available, and NOAA data (accuracy >10m) for the remainder.
To provide a complete detailed shoreline of the Hudson River Estuary, from Staten Island to Troy, New York.
Supplemental Information
not specified
Topicsinland waters, oceans and estuaries
File size918 kilobytes
Use constraintsnone
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