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French Creek Basins (Shapefile)
MapsheetFrench Creek basin
ProviderCornell Department of Natural Resources
FormatShapefile .shp
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Coordinate System Universal Transverse Mercator | meters | Zone 18
DatumNorth American Datum of 1927
Publication date 2007
Date added or updated March 21, 2007
This shapefile contains polygons representing the stream basins of the French Creek watershed in western New York. Basins were developed for stream segments at the 1:24,000 scale from 7.5 minute topographic quadrangles. For the purposes of this study, a stream segment is defined as the portion of stream from tributary confluence to tributary confluence.
To define the drainage basin for each stream segment.
Supplemental Information
This dataset was developed as part of the "Application of Gap Analysis to Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation", a pilot study by the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. See <>
Topicsenvironment, inland waters
File size121 kilobytes
Use constraintsAlthough these data have been processed successfully on a computer system at the New York Aquatic Gap Analysis Group, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data on any other system or for general or scientific purposes, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. This disclaimer applies both to individual use of the data and aggregate use with other data. It is strongly recommended that these data are directly acquired from a New York Aquatic Gap Analysis Group server, and not indirectly through other sources which may have changed the data in some way. It is also strongly recommended that careful attention be paid to the contents of the metadata file associated with these data. The New York Aquatic Gap Analysis Group shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data described and/or contained herein.
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