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USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2010 New York Cropland Data Layer
MapsheetNew York State State
ProviderUSDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
FormatGeoTIFF image .tif
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Coordinate System Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) | meters
Publication date January 10, 2011
Date added or updated May 26, 2011
The USDA, NASS Cropland Data Layer (CDL) is a raster, geo-referenced, crop-specific land cover data layer. The 2010 CDL has a ground resolution of 30 meters. The CDL is produced using satellite imagery from the Landsat 5 TM sensor, Landsat 7 ETM+ sensor, and the Indian Remote Sensing RESOURCESAT-1 (IRS-P6) Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) collected during the current growing season. Some CDL states used additional satellite imagery and ancillary inputs to supplement and improve the classification. These additional sources can include the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Elevation Dataset (NED), the USGS National Land Cover Dataset 2001 (NLCD 2001), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) 250 meter 16 day Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) composites. Agricultural training and validation data are derived from the Farm Service Agency (FSA) Common Land Unit (CLU) Program. The NLCD 2001 is used as non-agricultural training and validation data. Please refer to the 'Supplemental_Information' Section of this metadata file for a complete list of all imagery, ancillary data, and training/validation data used to generate this state's CDL. The strength and emphasis of the CDL is agricultural land cover. Please note that no farmer reported data are derivable from the Cropland Data Layer.
The purpose of the Cropland Data Layer Program is to use satellite imagery to (1) provide acreage estimates to the Agricultural Statistics Board for the state's major commodities and (2) produce digital, crop-specific, categorized geo-referenced output products.
Supplemental Information
If the following table does not display properly, then please visit the following website to view the original metadata file <>. USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service 2010 New York Cropland Data Layer CLASSIFICATION INPUTS: AWIFS DATE 20100618 PATH 284 ROW(S)&QUADRANT(S) 40ABCD 45CD 50AB AWIFS DATE 20100703 PATH 287 ROW(S)&QUADRANT(S) 40BD 41C 45BD 46AC AWIFS DATE 20100704 PATH 292 ROW(S)&QUADRANT(S) 40B 41AC 46A AWIFS DATE 20100820 PATH 287 ROW(S)&QUADRANT(S) 40BD 45B AWIFS DATE 20100829 PATH 284 ROW(S)&QUADRANT(S) 40BD LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100413 PATH 015 ROW(S) 29-31 34-37 41-43 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100415 PATH 013 ROW(S) 27-32 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100420 PATH 016 ROW(S) 29-42 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100429 PATH 015 ROW(S) 29-37 41 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100531 PATH 015 ROW(S) 29-37 41-43 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100602 PATH 013 ROW(S) 29-32 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100625 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-36 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100702 PATH 015 ROW(S) 29-35 37 41-42 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100704 PATH 013 ROW(S) 27-32 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100727 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-34 36 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100801 PATH 017 ROW(S) 30-32 38-41 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100819 PATH 015 ROW(S) 29-33 36-37 41-43 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100828 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-36 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100902 PATH 017 ROW(S) 30-41 LANDSAT 5 TM DATE 20100906 PATH 013 ROW(S) 27-32 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100414 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-34 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100419 PATH 017 ROW(S) 30-41 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100521 PATH 017 ROW(S) 30-33 35-41 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100530 PATH 016 ROW(S) 29-43 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100615 PATH 016 ROW(S) 29-31 34-43 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100703 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-36 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100708 PATH 017 ROW(S) 30-41 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100802 PATH 016 ROW(S) 30-31 34-35 38-41 43 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100820 PATH 014 ROW(S) 29-36 LANDSAT 7 ETM DATE 20100903 PATH 016 ROW(S) 29-43 USGS, NATIONAL ELEVATION DATASET ELEVATION USGS, NATIONAL LAND COVER DATASET 2001 TREE CANOPY USGS, NATIONAL LAND COVER DATASET 2001 IMPERVIOUSNESS TRAINING AND VALIDATION: USDA, FARM SERVICE AGENCY 2010 COMMON LAND UNIT DATA USGS, NATIONAL LAND COVER DATASET 2001 NOTE: The final extent of the CDL is clipped to the state boundary even though the raw input data may encompass a larger area.
Topicsagriculture, environment, imagery & base maps
File size37065 kilobytes
Use constraintsThe USDA, NASS Cropland Data Layer is provided to the public as is and is considered public domain and free to redistribute. The USDA, NASS does not warrant any conclusions drawn from these data. If the user does not have software capable of viewing GEOTIF (.tif) file formats then we suggest using the Cropscape website <> or the freeware browser ESRI ArcGIS Explorer <>.
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