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Tompkins County Tax Parcels (DWG : 2013)
MapsheetTompkins (data distributed for Tompkins Co. only)
ProviderTompkins County ITS/GIS
FormatDWG (CAD Drawing) .dwg
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Coordinate System NAD 1983 StatePlane New York Central FIPS 3102 Feet | foot_us
DatumD North American 1983
Publication date July 15, 2013
Date added or updated September 13, 2013
CAD-friendly version (DWG format) of parcel boundaries, which are a geographic representation compiled from legal descriptions of property surveys and deeds of ownership as recorded in the Tompkins County Clerk's Office annually.
Tax parcel boundaries in Tompkins County for a given year plus selected information added from the Tompkins County real property services (RPS) database for web applications. The boundaries represent the one-to-one match (GIS and RPS) with the parcel boundaries shown on the final paper maps for a given year. This version is mainly used for applications where there is a live link to the extensive RPS data via Imagemate Online.
Supplemental Information
not specified
Topicsboundaries, planning
File size31592 kilobytes
Use constraintsNone
Full metadata HTML | XML | Text
Alternate formatShapefile
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