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 GIS Tools: Freeware and Shareware

Free or Shareware GIS Tools

Here are just a sampling of GIS software products which can be used with CUGIR data. Other tools can be readily found online. Wikipedia has a listing here /List_of_GIS_software.

ArcGIS Explorer - ESRI provides free desktop, online and mobile versions of this software. The stand alone ArcExplorer Import Utility, or "Import71" extracts ArcInfo interchange files (".e00") into ArcInfo coverages, which then can be used in ArcGIS Explorer or other compatible applications.

Dlgv32 Pro - is a free Windows software application for viewing a variety of digital cartographic data. It was originally developed in support of USGS digital line graph (DLG) production activities. This software allows preview and evaluation of USGS data. It contains no editing capabilities, and is not a substitute for commercial Geographic Information System (GIS) software. USGS DEM formatted files in CUGIR can be opened directly into Dlgv32 Pro. Dlgv32 Pro can automatically create a color hill-shaded relief depiction of the DEM data. Multiple files can be opened in the same view.

FWTools -A set of free Open Source GIS binaries for Windows (win32) and Linux (x86) systems produced by Frank Warmerdam. It was previously known as OpenEV_FW. Many useful utilities for creating, manipulating, and serving geo-spatial data. FWTools includes OpenEV, GDAL, MapServer, PROJ.4 and OGDI as well as some supporting components.

Geomatica FreeView- from PCI Geomatics. Geomatica FreeView can be used to view a variety of data, including imagery, vectors, and graphical bitmaps. Common data formats that can be viewed include Arc Export (e00), MIF, DEM, DLG, SDTS, and many more. FreeView includes tools for image roaming and magnification, numeric value display, and attributes table display. Geomatica can import Arc Export (e00) and DEM files directly without conversion.

gvSIG- Free open source GIS written in Java, developed with support from European Union. Works with vector and raster files, as well as WMS, WCS or WFS web services. Includes gvSIG Mobile, a smaller version adapted for use in mobile devices.

Quantum GIS - A user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. QGIS supports a large number of vector, raster, and database formats. QGIS is licensed under the GNU Public License.

TatukGIS Viewer -The free Viewer is designed to open and view GIS/CAD and raster image files and projects composed of these files. It reads most file formats and supports many custom rendering and other features. The Viewer can also save project configurations to a TatukGIS project file.

uDig -User friendly, Desktop located, Internet oriented, GIS ready Java application. Free and open source, uDig can be used as a stand alone GIS application, extended with RCP plugins, or used as a plugin to RCP applications. Works with a variety of data formats and web services.