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 Selecting and Downloading Data from CUGIR

NOTE: Not all data listed in CUGIR are available for direct download from CUGIR. Download now links indicate data that are available for download from CUGIR; a link to the data provider's website indicates access to data via that external web site. In the cases where data are available at an external web site, we do our best to provide the most specific and direct link possible to data. These externally available data sets cannot be added to the Basket.

Downloading Individual Files

To download a single data file from CUGIR, select the download now link from a list of data files. If you need additional help finding specific datasets, please see the Finding CUGIR Data section.

Downloading Multiple Files

While searching or browsing lists of datasets in CUGIR, add data files to a basket for download by checking the box to the left of the data file name. To select all the files in a list, check the check all link at the top of the list. Click the add checked map data files to basket button to add the selected files to your basket. Your cumulative selections will then be shown on the basket page. You can continue browsing for and adding data after each addition.

When you are ready to download all of your selected files, click the Basket button on the top navigation bar to review your selections. Items added to your basket will only remain during the time of your session, so if you choose to download later you will need to find and select files again. Click the download selected button to begin the download process. There may be some delay while the files are gathered for packaging and compression. Once the process is complete, a message will display indicating that your zipped download package is ready. The zip file will be named using a format which displays the data and time downloaded. For example, CUGIR_2005-12-12T15-17-58 means that the file was packaged on 12/12/2005, at 3:17pm. Click the link to download the package.

Note: There is a download limit of 120MB per package.