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 Finding CUGIR data

There are three ways to find CUGIR data:

Enter search terms into the search box in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Results will include data themes, spatial series, map sheets, data providers, geographic features, topics, CUGIR FAQ, and CUGIR Help topics. You may choose to exclude one or more types of results from your search by selecting more options, and unchecking the types you'd like to exclude from your results.

We provide quick links to the most frequently used datasets at the top of the Browse page. You can also browse by making selections from one or more of the lists (topics, data providers, and spatial series) on the Browse page, and clicking the browse button. Browse the entire list of datasets by clicking the browse button without making any selections.

Map browse
Use the Map browse if you prefer a graphical interface that allows you to make selections based on location and spatial series. The following spatial series have index maps for locating datasets:

Select Statewide Data from the Map browse interface for a list of datasets published for New York State as a whole.

Select Other Series from the Map browse interface for a list of other spatial series not represented in the Map browse interface.