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U.S. Census Bureau (38 themes)

Data ThemeSpatial SeriesMapsheets
Census Block Groups 1990NY counties62
Census Block Groups 1995NY counties62
Census Block Groups 1998NY counties62
Census Block Groups 2000NY counties62
Census Blocks 1990NY counties62
Census Blocks 1995NY counties62
Census Blocks 1998NY counties62
Census Blocks 2000NY counties62
Census Places 1990NY State1
Census Places 1995NY counties62
Census Places 1998NY counties62
Census Places 2000NY counties62
Census Tracts 1990NY counties62
Census Tracts 1995NY counties62
Census Tracts 1998NY counties62
Census Tracts 2000NY counties62
County Boundaries (Census 1990)NY counties62
County Boundaries (Census 1995)NY counties62
County Boundaries (Census 1998)NY counties62
County Boundaries (Census 2000)NY counties62
County Subdivisions (Census 1990)NY State1
Hydrography (Census 2000)NY counties62
Landmarks (Census 2000)NY counties62
Minor Civil Divisions (Census 1995)NY counties62
Minor Civil Divisions (Census 1998)NY counties62
Minor Civil Divisions (Census 2000)NY counties62
New York State County Boundaries and Demography (Census 2000)NY State1
Railroads (Census 2000)NY counties62
Roads (Census 1995)NY counties62
Roads (Census 1998)NY counties62
Roads (Census 2000)NY counties62
Unified School Districts (Census 1995)NY counties62
Unified School Districts (Census 1998)NY counties61
Unified School Districts (Census 2000)NY counties62
Urbanized Areas (Census 1990)NY counties30
Urbanized Areas (Census 2000)NY counties61
Voting Districts (Census 1998)NY counties61
Voting Districts (Census 2000)NY counties62

Beginning with the 2000 census, CUGIR adopted a policy of only providing decadal updates to census data sets. These data are derived from the US Census bureau's TIGER/Line files, and the Census Bureau releases periodic updates in between decadal censuses. The significance of these updates varies, and it is the user's responsibility to determine whether they should obtain updated data from the Census Bureau.

Note also that the Census began distributing TIGER/Line data as shapefiles on March 31, 2008.